New study finds child marriage rising among most vulnerable Syrian refugees

Hafsa and her siblings were put in the care of Volcke, her mother, while her father was tried and convicted of terrorism charges. With the help of Finnish authorities, she later was returned from the al-Hawl refugee camp to Finland with four children with her. Also a Finnish-Somali woman returned to Finland with two of her children on the same flight. A must-read for those who want a break from the everyday fluff that fills bookshelves. Svanemyr et al. conclude that even though child marriage is not widespread in the contemporary Arab region, there has been a rise in its presence in recent years due to the nature of conflicts and the need for protection. The author wisely begins the collection with a delightful story which made me smile and was the perfect segue into what followed. However, the main difference is that the event is for the groom, and it is an actual shower party. As of 6 March 2019, she was in a refugee camp and wanted to return to Finland. In February 2021, she was detained by Turkish authorities while trying to enter the country with her two children. The Turkish Government subsequently dropped charges against her and began proceedings to deport her. Mehdia, a 22-year-old Uyghur woman, said she was taken to Syria by her husband when she was 17 and had no idea what awaited her. Open and passionate lovers She says they made three escape attempts, and that her father was shot and killed on the third attempt. During the fall of ISIL in 2019, Sanna was interviewed by CNN near the final stronghold of Baghouz. Married at 14: Syria’s refugee child brides Some family disharmony and beliefs were painful to contemplate but contained sly humour. I liked the stories best where clever women secretly took revenge on their men. I enjoyed how the writing followed the rhythm of the Syrian speech patterns and their expressions, and that unfamiliar words were translated for the reader. I’m a hard sell on short story collections purely because I love a book the size of a brick with a ton of character development which results in my not bonding with short stories so well. I’m also a harder sell on books check here like this, I’ve been flip flopping around the Middle East for so long it takes a lot for a book like this to catch my attention when the world around me is so vivid. The Druze religion prohibits polygamy, and demands women’s full consent to marriage; however, it strictly prohibits its men to marry women from different community or religion, and vice versa . A person who violates this law is banned to be eliminated and outcaste out of the community. Among refugee girls currently between ages 15 and 17, some 24 per cent are married. As long as it is illegal to date beautiful Syrian women in their native country because of military actions, it is recommended either to travel to the country with lots of Syrian immigrants or consider online dating. Most beautiful Syrian women learn from early childhood to always tell the truth. However, it does not mean that Syrian brides will kill you by saying offensive words even if they represent the truth. However, in a marriage ceremony, this activity takes an entirely different shape. A Lebanese wedding is incomplete without the famous henna party. Depending on the couple’s preferences, a henna party is celebrated lavishly, or it can be celebrated within the company of close family and friends. For 6.8 million Lebanese people, marriage is the epitome of a happy and successful life, which is why they leave no stone unturned in celebrating this milestone. The research is qualitative, a “study case” focusing on the description of a phenomenon . Thus, an “holistic” approach exposes, examines and realizes the inner cultural world of the community members, from their point of view (Denzin & Lincoln, 2000) . Since their separation from Syria in 1967, the social and martial relations between the Syrian inhabitants and the Golan Heights inhabitants have been decreased significantly. In the last 30 years only 130 marriages taken place among the different Druze villages in the Golan Heights, only one marriage with a spouse from the village Hader at the side of the Syrian Mt. Hermon. In most cases of marriage were between Israeli Druze men og the Golan Heights with their Syrian female relatives. Morgana offers to study about the life in Israel already in Syria, in order to ease her future adaptation “So she would understand situations in her new life, would learn the behavioral codes, what to expect, for everything differs Syria. It would greatly improve and facilitate her integration to the new life”. Morgana also believes that she had made a mistake, yet she relates it to lack of self-fulfillment “For years I didn’t fulfill my dreams―I did not continued studying, I haven’t worked at all, just sat at home and gave birth children. In Damascus there are more alternatives for female to learn and work freely, outside the village, here it is very difficult”.

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